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      Zhongshan yong kun precision machinery co., LTD. Is a gear motor for the global market research and development, production, sales integration company.Specializing in the production of gear reduction motor series products, by 1998, due to the need of domestic market, mainland to set up the factory, and increase the business project, the main products are AC/DC motor, micro and small gear reduction motor etc series products.34 years down, always he focus on professional focus on quality and service, make the forever of products (YK) in traditional gear motor is belong to the top three, in the channel has a good reputation, by the consistent high praise.
       In 2010 we began the development of stepper motor, servo motor and planetary reducer, after years of development, our red cisco stepper motor, servo motor, planetary reducer, and they all of the whole system has been developed, now the market has been more than two years, established a nationwide distribution network, the electronic equipment, medical equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery, carton machinery, food machinery, zipper machinery, coating machinery, hardware machinery, mechanical hand, injection molding machine, woodworking machinery, cosmetics, machinery, textile machinery, filling machinery, chemical machinery, and other manufacturing has obtained the very good market feedback.....




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